Stokesay Castle History

 Inspired by a 13th century English castle by the same name, Stokesay Castle was once the vacation home of the Hiester Family. Mr. Hiester spared no expense when it came to the 10 acre property. Local building materials and craftsmen were used, and great care was exercised in duplicating hand-carved beams, and leaded windows. Even with the addition of $30,000 worth of hardware, some of which are still present today, it is said Mr. Hiester’s fiancé did not approve of this luxurious wedding gift.

Built in 1931, the Castle was used by the Hiester Family until 1956, when it was purchased by a group who turned it into a restaurant in the 1970’s and operated until they were forced to close in 2007. Thankfully, Jack Gulati had fond memories of Stokesay Castle and rescued it in March of 2009, from almost certain deprecation. Mr. Gulati dedicated millions to the restoration of the Castle, Ballroom and surrounding grounds. Upgrading much of the plumbing, electric and other amenities have left Stokesay in a memorable, yet modernized state. The vaulted cathedral ceilings still loom over the Lord’s Dining Room, only now there is a view into Stokesay Castle’s newest addition, The Knight’s Pub.